Lunch at Charlie Brown’s Bar and Grill

Charlie Brown’s has some of the best burgers in Denver. Come try one and see for yourself. Black Angus grilled to perfection!


I went to Charlie Browns the other day for lunch and I have to admit it was the bomb.  We showed up with no reservation and were told not to worry and to sit anywhere even though it was getting busy. The waitress gave us some water to drink while we waited and We were treated like royalty from the beginning. I know it’s an old school bar but I had never been there at lunchtime.  We ordered the chili fries to start and they were full of cheese and green chile in a huge portion.   Perfect because I was starving.  And then I ordered a burger.  I figured it was a safe bet.  Well, come to find out it was chargrilled.  No one does that anymore.  The beef really stood out.  Whatever cut of beef it was it was perfect.  I can’t say enough good things about this restaurant and will be sharing our experience with anyone coming to the city. Go…now! 

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