Anthony Bourdain Dead From Apparent Suicide

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Iconic chef Anthony Bourdain was found dead, June 8, 2018. He was 61.


Anthony Bourdain Has Passed Away


Such sad news about Anthony Bourdain.   I read his book when I was studying to be a chef at the CIA.  It was a refreshing escape from the Food Network chefs that were becoming more and more popular.  Airing out the restaurant industries dirty laundry was one of his best insights for me at the time.  That also made “No Reservations” that much sweeter when watching because you could feel his passion for food and cultures around the globe.  Regardless of his personal demons, Anthon Bourdain was an extremely fascinating storyteller who seemed to enjoy his travels to the fullest.  In the end, all of his talk of enlightenment and curiosity, he must have wanted to get off the ride. What a shame for the culinary world.

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