Is TV advertising dead in Denver? | Metro Denver Blog

Some Denver newscasts suffered double-digit declines in viewership for November 2017 sweeps.  The chief reason for the decline is obvious: Digital devices continue to draw attention away from television as younger audiences desert the medium in droves.


Cord cutters are winning. In 2013 cord cutting was an obscure term.  Back then advertisers and TV industry people were saying that cord cutting was a slow moving trend.    Flash forward to 2017.



TV will never die.   I have been keeping an eye on ROI for local Denver ad buying and TV is definitely has one of the worst returns.  2016 started the fall, 2017 seems like the tipping point.  Digital disruption is cemented now and the local Denver news channels are feeling the pinch.  Too many multi-screen options are part of the reason.  What are the others?

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