Thursday Nights In Denver

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Some of my favorite Thursday night foodie specials in Denver

Who has Thursday night dinner specials?

From a foodie’s perspective, Thursday nights are not ideal to go out and eat.  It’s too close to Friday, which is the best night for end of week fun.  It is also the middle of work week still.  So what would make a person want to venture out?  Well, usually I am not to keen on going out for dinner on Thursday’s.  If I do want to roll out here is where I usually like to go:

Bull & Bush has the Prime Rib Special

There is the Chicken Tacos deal at Lola

One of my favorites, the “Bacon Flight” at Bacon Social House

Wine by the Glass at Cafe Marmotte

Irish Snug has “Corned Beef Eggrolls” that you can wash down with their “Car Bombs”.

Undici offers their “Bottle and Board” .


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